Students challenged to guard studies


PAPUA New Guinea council of churches general-secretary Rev Roger Joseph has challenged students to guard their education.
He said in this new academic year, it was their responsibility to add value to their lives and avoid distractions so that they could perform well in their studies.
He said the inspiring words found in the book of Proverbs reminded professional teachers and aspiring students that education was your life, guard it well.
“We cannot imagine to progress through this life without any form of education, be it formal or informal and, therefore, we are called to always remember that education is your life,” he said.
“It was within God’s master plan that life and education must complement each other and one cannot be enjoyed to the fullest without the blessing of the other.
“The challenges set for students and teachers this academic year are to ensure to guard your education well in every opportunity you get, so that nothing happening around you will influence you, distract or discourage you from performing exceptionally well in your academic studies.”