Students clean city

National, Normal

The National, Friday 7th June 2013

 MORE than 1,000 students from the Mt Hagen Park Secondary School in Western Highlands marked World Environment Day on Wednesday by collecting rubbish in the city.

They walked through the streets picking up rubbish and educating people on how to look after the environment.

Students Representative Council president Kingsley Rui said they took part in the environment day because many people did not know how important the environment was to them.

“We are taking part in it by cleaning the city and showing the people where rubbish is supposed be put as part of saving it,” he said. “If we look after it then it will look after us, but if we are careless then we will suffer. 

The aim for us is to think and act globally about our environment.

“It is about how we educate our people the importance of looking after our environment as today, a major world threat is global warming.

“God blessed us with forest, water and beautiful plants. We must not become enemies but make friends as they are here to help us.”

Rui said people had to protect and look after the environment, which had a lot of good things they could benefit from.