Students commended for organising fundraising initiative


Milne Bay is famous for its variety of yams that are grown for feasts and important events.
The University of Papua New Guinea Milne Bay Students’ Union ensured that this tradition was kept alive in their provincial event celebrated on Saturday at Sir John Guise Stadium in Port Moresby.
The students hosted the annual Milne Bay Day at the weekend to raise funds for James Charmers Memorial High School.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Treasury Charles Abel and his wife Hacy were special guests at the event.
Abel acknowledged the students for taking the initiative to raise funds for the school.
“I want to congratulate the organising committee from the UPNG Milne Bay Students’ Union and they have been over the years consistent in running the Milne Bay Day and they work hard and make sure this show happens every year.
“They deserve to be commended through this annual show through which they have been raising money for some of our schools.
“This year they are trying to raise money for the Suau or the James Charmers Memorial High School.
“This is an important high school in Suau local level government in Alotau District.”
Abel presented K5 000 to the students who in return presented him a yam to express their appreciation for his support.