Students damage school over fees

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SEVERAL students went on rampage at the Ialibu Secondary School in Southern Highlands over the weekend, smashing classrooms and other properties.
Terrified staff and female students sought refuge inside their houses and dormitories as the boys rioted.
Classes on Monday and Tuesday were also disrupted.
Three students were detained and are expected to be charged after police complete their investigations.
Fourteen others, including two believed to be the ring leaders, had gone into hiding.
Police said the students were sent home last Friday evening because of some problems over their school fees.
The students, responded by throwing stones, breaking louver blades, vandalising offices and facilities and destroying anything they could lay their hands on.
Some students called The National on Monday night, saying that they were scared to attend classes.
Principal Elias Landea confirmed the incident but described it as “minor”.
“The situation is now under control,” he said when contacted by The National yesterday.
He explained that last Friday, he distributed notices to students to advise their parents to settle the rest of their school fees.
He said that only 300 of the 610 boarding students had paid their fees in full, while the others owed between K10 and K400.
The school charges K860 for students in Grades 11 and 12 and K760 for those in Grades Nine and 10.
Mr Landea said the school faced financial difficulties every year and had no choice but to insist that parents paid the fees.
“Instead of going to get the outstanding fees, the boys stay back on Saturday,” he said.
“In the evening, the students smashed the dinner dishes before venting their anger on school properties.
“The incident was repeated on Monday evening before police were called in to assist in providing security at the school,” he said.
Mr Landea said those responsible would have to pay for the damages.
He added that the school would also pursue criminal charges against them.