Students discuss networking


MAINTAINING an effective human networking and connection system is key to addressing much of the world’s problems today.
The remark was made by five Marianville Secondary School students during the chat room programme, organised by the TribeFM and the social communications commission of the Catholic Bishops Conference, on Wednesday.
All in grade 11, the students discussed the topic “Importance of human networking” where they elaborated on various aspects.
It dwelled on a brief definition of the topic; examples and its importance for young people; the need to be expressive and proactive; mention of Biblical scriptures and prominent quotes; with a demanding call for the current government to seriously support Youth Development Initiatives.
Aspiring to become a doctor, Janet Minong, explained that human networking was all about interacting and forming relationships with others by way of establishing common ground.
“As humans, we are social beings and when we interact, we build relations based on mutual respect and understanding,” she said.
“These experiences equip us with a new insight and a positive perspective toward life, with the greater ability to discern solutions even in the midst of profound hardship.”
Vanesa Boga emphasised the significance of human networking and said it was essential for young people to begin establishing connections at a young age to ensure future opportunities.
“Our schools are our training ground and this is where we establish our networks by way of cultivating our skills in effectively communicating with the people around us,” she said.
“The positive connections we create between people today will someday in future benefit us or present us with an opportunity.”
Quoting Ecclesiastes 4:9: “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labour,” Suzanne Makara said when networks were created between people, the benefits stemming from those networks were greater.
“No man is an island and someone can try to do things by themselves, but they are limited and will always need help,” she said.
“We all need each other to be able to sustain ourselves.”
Tanika Saulep clarified that human networking was all about a give-and-take relationship where all parties or people benefited, and has always been a fundamental way of life.
“As captured by Poter Gale’s quote ‘Your network is your net worth”, you are only as valuable as the number of networks and people you know, and the relationships made have to be mutually beneficial where all parties are satisfied,” she said.
Theresa So-on told of how God created Eve for Adam because of his desire for companionship, adding that this was the very first example of a human network being established.
“Human networking is imperative for a person and society to undergo a transformation that displays solidarity and prosperity, and it all begins with the teachings and lessons we give to our people today,” she said.
“The Government needs to invest more decently in integral youth development initiatives and parents need to begin with teaching their kids the prominence of Christian values and principles.”
On behalf of the students, Luis Marampau, animator of Marianville Secondary, thanked TribeFM and the Catholic Bishops Conference’s social communications commission, for the opportunity to partake in the programme.
“It definitely gave them (students) the chance to develop their communication skills in the areas of public speaking, especially on TV and radio interviews,” he said.