Students encouraged not to lose focus on education

Youth & Careers

YOUTHS engagement is important because they are the future and education is power, says UNW (United Nations Women) deputy country representative Adekemi Ndieli.
Speaking yesterday during the International Youth Day celebration at Gordon Secondary School in Port Moresby, Ndieli said every year, the UN worked with youths all over the world to celebrate the contribution they were making in development.
The International Youth Day, observed annually on Aug 12 by more than 100 countries under the UN, recognises the efforts of young people in global society and the roles they played in national decision making.
Ndieli said this year’s theme “Transforming education’’, was the idea that they wanted education to be more inclusive – to be embraced by all ethnic groups.
“Without youths and education, a country goes nowhere. But if you are focused on your education, you will contribute effectively to national development,” she said.
National Youth Development Authority (NYDA) principal adviser David Rupa shared similar sentiments.
Rupa said young people were no just the leaders of tomorrow, they were the leaders of today and shapers of tomorrow, stating the reason that young people make up 60 per cent of the world’s population.
“Young people are inventors, young people are economic drivers and young people have the power to change the world,” he said.
Rupa acknowledged that PNG faced challenges with run down education facilities, inadequate curriculum and unsafe communities but stressed that education was a fundamental right for human development.
“You have the right to education but it is your responsibility to come every day to school, to learn and make the best of it so that tomorrow you can contribute to PNG” he said.
Rupa encouraged students not to end up statistics of teenage pregnancy, AIDS, unemployment and crime.
“It is your responsibility. Don’t let situations shift your mind away from the focus, which is your education.”

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