Students encouraged to protect ocean, marine environment

Papua New Sustainable Ocean Alliance Hub coordinator Vinzealhar Nen explaining the importance of recycling and upcycling methods to the Butuka Academy Students. – Nationalpic by NICKY BERNARD.

STUDENTS have been told to take ownership of the environment by engaging in activities they can do to contribute to protecting the oceans and marine environment.
Papua New Guinea Sustainable Ocean Alliance Hub coordinator Vinzealhar Nen told the school’s students who attended the World Ocean and Coral Triangle Day celebration yesterday.
“As young people let us take ownership of the ocean rather than complaining about what the government isn’t doing and what anyone else is supposed to be doing,” she said.
Nen said the world was changing and encouraged students to take simple steps like responsibly disposing off rubbish and cleaning up areas such as beaches and parks.
“The time starts now and you don’t have to wait to be old enough or have the resources and money to do that,” she said.
The National spoke to several students from various schools who attended the event and they were positive that they would put into practice what they had learned from the presentations.
They said not throwing rubbish into oceans and mangroves and recycling were steps they could take to protect the environment.
They added that burning toxic material and other dangerous substances was not good for the environment and climate.
The students added that telling their peers about protecting the environment was also something that they could do to assist.
“All we can do as students are to create a lot of awareness in the school and communities about what we have learnt from attending the event and from what we have learned from the speeches made by the experts,” she said.
The theme for this year is: Revitalisation and Collective Action for the Ocean.