Students forced to cart school rations

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday 06th of March, 2014

STUDENTS at Dreikikir High School, in East Sepik, are forced to carry rations and push the school truck on a damage section of the road to the school.
Headmaster Fredrick Mahise said the 20-kilometre road from Nanaha to the school had worsened and was affecting students.
The school is only accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicles.
“Students and teachers abort classes to carry school supplies when I arrive at Nanaha from Wewak,” he said.
“Students and teachers often do not turn up for classes the next day because they are tired. I feel very sorry for the students because they are not here to do this.
“There are here to learn but the situation has forced them to do this because they need rations for the mess every week.
“I am spending more time now on the road and Wewak because I have to coordinate the shipment of rations every week.
“We are unable to order in bulk as the  road condition will not allow for bigger trucks.”
He said the school had been paying locals for this job but because funds have been exhausted, the students took over.
“Since I commenced as principal in 2012, this problem has persisted and now it has affected the students.
“I appeal to all stakeholders, including the provincial government, Ambunti Dreikikir district administration and the division of education, to maintain this road for us.”
East Sepik acting provincial administrator and Ambunti-Dreikikir district administrator Otto Ganai could not be reached for comment.