Students get hands dirty to mark day


STUDENTS at the Lower Nebilyer High School in Western Highlands planted 400 different plants to mark the World Environment Day on June 5.
Principal Nickson Miti said many people, including students, did not know the importance of the environment.
Miti said students are future leaders and that was why the school was so concerned about them knowing the importance of the environment.
He said that the school board and management have come up with the idea to celebrate the day with the rest of the country.
Miti said the total number of students is 400 and everyone turned up with different plants of all kinds and planted them at the school.
“When attending the environment day celebration people start to come to know the importance of protecting and preserving trees, plants and rivers,” he said.
Miti said there are many issues affecting the world like global warming which is because the environment is not respected.
“We have to start doing more awareness educating the people,” he said.
Miti said the celebration at the school was to bring the message across to the people.
He said that this celebration must continue because it is part of learning and everyone has to take part.

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