Students graduate despite challenges

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Five students made their mark at the Asia-Pacific Institute of Social Economic and Technical Studies’ Apiasets) graduation on Friday.
They collected their diploma in education teaching certificates at Apiasets’ fourth graduation ceremony.
Pioneer graduates were Sauna Frank and Kessama Kidarga from Western, Vego Pandu from Eastern Highlands, Alfred Mara from Jiwaka and Honama Thomas from Chimbu.
Sauna, who was the leading awards recipient of the pioneer programme, said that it was not an easy feat having pursuing studies for the last three years.
He said one of the most-pressing challenges that they faced over the last three years was tuition fees, which forced most of the students to withdraw.
“Out of the many students, only five of us have made it through,” he said.
“Some have withdrawn because they couldn’t afford the tuition fees charged here.
“Others have cited non-registration of the institution as a reason to leave.
“Despite the high fees, the programmes taught here are just as those taught in other institutions.
“I am delighted that I have gained an equally-competitive and quality teaching knowledge.
“I am now prepared to impart my acquired knowledge to students after the PNG Teaching Services Commission admits me to become a teacher next year.”
Sauna said he intended to go back to any rural school in Western, but was also willing to be sent to any part of PNG.
Mara is eyeing remote parts of Central to take up his first teaching post.
“Being a graduate who has done it through a second chance from Apiasets, I want to thank director Thomas Phillar for giving many of us a chance to achieve our dreams after being pushed out by the education system.
“I am very happy because Apiasets is now a Government-recognised institution and my efforts in attaining a diploma have not been in vain.”

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