Students hike, strengthen faith


THE University of Papua New Guinea Seventh-day Adventist students went hiking as part of a retreat programme to strengthen their faith in the Lord and foster relationships, a student leader says.
The UPNG Adventist Tertiary Students Association (UPNG Atsa) president Ben Killy said the purpose of the trip last weekend was to help the students prepare for Christ’s second coming. He said the programme would prepare the students for semester two and build unity among themselves for the upcoming spiritual programmes.
“I am so happy that some first years who feel shy in both church and classroom activities participated in all retreat programmes that will give them more confidence when standing in front to talk,” he said.
“Students should actively participate in their local church organised activities in order to have good morals and leaders in their own communities and country at large.”
The hiking trip is a biennial programme of the UPNG Atsa that is held during the first semester break. Students from UPNG, Pacific Adventist University and youths attend the programme.
More than 120 students took part in the hike from Bisiatabu in Sogeri to Hiwik under the theme “Walk in the glory of God”.
The programme included; prayer sessions, nature study, Bible discussions, choir practice and testimonies.
Junior-Michael Nava, a science foundation student, said the programme helped him and he was also able to reflect on his own life.
Meanwhile the guest speaker and theology student at PAU Onori Wagi said: “Walking with students and seeing them participating in spiritual enrichment programmes was very encouraging in terms of gospel work in the church.”

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