Students learning to save for school fees with new passbooks


MARKHAM Road Primary School in Lae, Morobe, pupil Taira Paul is the first recipient of a school savings passbook account from Women’s Micro Bank (WMB) Lae branch to save for her school fees.
The 11-year-old grade three student was among five girls
who received WMB passbooks from credit officer Ako Asae last week.
Paul and Ennu Ishmael received Skul Savings passbook accounts while Alewa Alu, Waka Avasi and Serah Koropa received Meri Moni passbooks.
The WMB is among partner stakeholders including City Pharmacy Ltd, Digicel, Australia, PNG Family Health, Investment Promotion Authority and Bank South Pacific (BSP) that work together with Ginigoada
Bisnis Foundation (GBF) Inc
to provide life skills trainings for unemployed women, men, young girls and boys.
The passbooks were given during a dual graduation of GBF Inc mobile training for financial literacy and adult literacy that graduated 216 participants at 4-Mile in Lae on Thursday.
School savings for children above five and Pikinini Savings for children aged one to five are some of the savings and loans products
the bank’s Lae branch is offering since opening its doors in April this year.

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