Students need support

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday July 19th, 2013

 I ACKNOWLEDGE the leadership potential possessed by the young, vi-brant and visionary leader, Philip Undialu, in delivering basic services. 

I was indeed induced to vote for him because of his alluring policies for the development of the constituency as well as 

his vision in developing human resources through providing free education.  

I am not sure of his effectiveness with the other policies, but as a student undertaking tertiary studies, my  concerns  over the free education policy were raised as MPs throughout the country began paying full tuition fees for tertiary students from their respective constituencies. 

However, this policy has not been effected for students from Undialu’s electorate even though the 2013 academic year will soon end. 

It is said that a certain proportion of district funds are allocated for student subsidies but  it has not reached the people it is intended for.

Some intelligent elites of Koroba-Lake Kopiago have withdrawn from their studies throughout the country because of financial difficulties.

It is predicted that one fine day, all resources  such as oil, gas and gold will be exhausted. 

Only human resources will remain. 

These students are the future of Hela and the hope of their families. They need to be sustained.  


Hewai Lapo