Students need well-trained teachers to succeed in school


Teachers need quality training from qualified trainers and institutions, an official says.
Assistant secretary teacher education division Allan Jim was responding to The National regarding private institutions providing teacher training and whether the institutions were meeting the requirements and standards of the country’s education system.
Jim said the quality of education is determined by the quality of education and knowledge a teacher has and if the teacher was not well trained, he or she will not deliver well, resulting in poor education for the children.
He said there were only 12 certified and recognised teacher training colleges in the country.
But Jim said there were new colleges providing teacher training and he was not too sure if those institutions provided good training.
“The required duration for each level of teacher training are elementary, one year; and primary, two years,” he said. “But now it is three years and high school is four years.
“This will give enough time for the teachers to gain the content knowledge of every subject they
will be teaching at their respective levels.”
Jim said it was important to ask if those private institutions were aware of the reforms taking place in the education system and
if they were using the standard education curriculum to train the teachers.
Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra said teachers needed to be trained well on the changes in the education system .
He said teachers needed to be trained well on the new standard-based curriculum that is being implemented in schools.

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