Students oppose Frieda Mine


THE University of Papua New Guinea Avisat Students’ Association and other individuals and groups need to collaborate in their stand against Frieda Mine.
The Frieda mine project has already been sanctioned by the Government and that means that any action against it has to take a legal approach.
Class action is one option, or only option, available now to stop it while the pros and cons are ironed out by all parties.
Right now the Mineral Resources Authority is pushing it through under duress from the Government. This country is already heavily mortgaged to the tune of about K28 billion to K30 billion in loans and bonds.
The Government needs to open new resource projects – including the three new LNG projects, Frieda mine, and others – to raise enough revenue to offset its loans and bonds obligations and liabilities.
Legal action is the way to go now.

Cyril Gare, Via Email

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