Student’s petition gets school K20,000


A GRADE Eight female student received K20,000 to have electricity supplied to her school after she presented a submission to a Cabinet minister visiting the area.
Jennicka Pepna, of Wurup Primary School in the Anglimp-South Waghi, Jiwaka, took advantage of the recent visit by MP Joe Kuli and the Minister of National Planning and Monitoring Rainbo Paita to open a rural electrification project for the people of Wurup-Kuna Kaip and Wurup-Wara Wau on Friday.
She walked onto the stage where they were sitting and handed over the submission to Kuli.
Paita had the K20,000 with him and called up Jennicka and head teacher Bob Roger to the stage to receive it.
“She is a brave student,” Paita said.
“The submission should have been presented to the MP by the head teacher or other teachers or the school chairman.
“But she was brave enough to represent the school.”
Jennicka thanked Paita for the money and Kuli for rolling out the rural electrification project in the district.
She believes that electricity will have a huge impact in their learning once it is connected to the school.
Kuli said schools which had electricity, would see a big improvement in student attendance and learning.