Students raise K100,000 to fund new infrastructures


Busu Secondary School in Lae, has raised more than K100,000 during a two-day students’ exhibition.
The school raised K150,000 from exhibition contributions and pledges to help fund the construction of a four-in-one double storey staff apartment costing K350,000 and a male students’ ablution block.
Principal George Noble said the ablution block will have 20 toilets, 10 showers and six urinals.
Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu committed K100,000.
Meanwhile, Saonu declared Busu Secondary School a school of excellence (SOE) in the province.
Principal George Noble welcomed the announcement and was happy that the school was given such status.
He said the school will now start preparing for SOE according to education department requirements.
“We will plan the concept according to education department’s regulations and follow the processes to be a school of excellence in the province,” said Noble.
The school’s new status was based on infrastructure and academic performance.
Busu Secondary was ranked in the top 10 performing schools in the grade 12 examinations and most improved school in grade 10 exams in the country last year, and got two academic excellence awards.
Noble said the school needs a science lab and will build new infrastructure to become SOE.
“We will build an eight-in-one double classroom.
“The current administration building will be elevated to two storeys to have a staff room with a conference room downstairs and offices on top floor.
“As part of SOE, we will try to accommodate all teachers within the campus,” said Noble.

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