Students receive scholarships from institute to complete studies

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TWO Wawin National High School students have been selected to take up certificate courses at International Training Institute (ITI).
ITI under its scholarship programme, selected a male and a female student to take up courses in business and information technology at its Lae campus next year.
The scholarship is an annual programme that the institution started over a decade ago, according to ITI studies manager Seluvai Nathan.
The announcement was made during Wawin’s 18th graduation last Friday.
The scholarship covers all tuition fees over the duration of the course which amounts to K3,400 per student. Nathan said ITI had ten campuses across the country and scholarships were given to selected schools in other provinces that had ITI campuses.
Asked about how students were selected for the scholarship, Nathan said there were set criteria given by ITI to secondary and national high school administrations to look at and select students. “The selections are made using a criteria,” he said.
“ITI tries to provide opportunity for students to pursue their studies.”
Nathan said the situation and the background of a student were taken into consideration when awarding scholarships. He said the idea of giving scholarship to students started in 1997 and over the years, many had benefitted from the programme.
With its 10 campuses around the country, certain number of students will be awarded scholarships from schools in those areas to take up certificate courses in those respective campuses next year.

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