Students reflect, bond, share during weekend fellowship


THE University of Papua New Guinea Lutheran Students’ Congregation staged a retreat with students from Sogeri National High School over the weekend, sharing the word of God.
Preacher and UPNG graduate Noah Etep based his homily on Genesis 1: 27-28, the creation of man.
“Man’s position was in God that He created the man just like himself, that’s why when man fall of sin, God came down and restore the life back,” Etep said.
“We have to understand the authority that God gave us above all creation.”
He said the real challenge for young people today is how to bring their soul in alignment with the spirit.
“Our soul always submits to our body, but we have to tame it to subject to our spirit,” Etep said.
“To reflect Christ that is in us, only solution is to submit our will, our mind and our emotions to our spirit.”
The weekend retreat was from Friday (May 31) to Sunday (June 2).
Final year UPNG student Israel Dujambi challenged the students to see things in the position of Christ.
Dujambi said when students encountered problems in studies, they have to be reminded that Christ would defeat the obstacle.
“According to Galatians 2:20, we have been crucified with Christ and it’s not us but Christ that lives in us,” he said.
Preacher Jackson Merpe said it was time the young generation should make bold decisions about their life.
“He made sure that the house was sanctified before putting His eyes and heart where eyes cannot see evil and heart cannot conceive evil.”

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