Students request Huli administrator

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The National, Thursday February 13th, 2014

 HELA students at the University of Papua New Guinea have urged their Governor, Anderson Agiru to appoint a Hela person as the provincial administrator. 

The call came following Agiru’s decision to appoint a Southern Highlander to the position.

The students have called on the governor andthe provincial executive council (PEC) to reconsider their recommendation to the national executive council (NEC) to appoint Lawrence Oklobeng to the job.

In addition to a separate petition from the Hela public protesting Agiru’s move, the students were to present their petition to the governor todayat the Unagi Oval, National Capital Di strict.

Senior student leaders Aja Potabe and Dickson Olabe stressed that Agiru’s decision to appoint a Southern Highlander was “a slap on the face to all educated Hela people”.

“Why overlook Hela’s intellectual capability? Acting administrator William Bando is a highly educated Hela man and he possesses the required experience and leadership skills. 

We believe in Bando’s leadership as he proved himself capable in his short term as CEO of Hela Transitional Authority and acting administrator,” Potabe said.

“If Governor Agiru sees Bando not capable, we have other capable Hela men and women who possess the same educational qualifications and experience as Oklobeng to fill the position. Why undermine our own capability and strength in running our provincial affairs.

“Our scars of being victims along the Nipa Highway are still fresh and it’s so painful.”