Students say ‘no to violence against women’

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“NO more violence, say no to violence,” was the chorus of reply from male students of Don Bosco Technical College in Gabutu yesterday as they put their fists up in a show of solidarity against violence against women.
The students took this stand during a forum at the school auditorium, in front of women representatives and officers from the National Council of Women (NCW), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the college lecturers.
The occasion was organised by the NCW in partnership with the UNFPA to mark the international day on violence against women and was a follow up to the anti-violence walk organised for men on Wednesday.
The show of solidarity from students was in support of statements made by Dickson Kirage, a gender specialist who was in charge of men’s desk at NCW office, and following remarks by NCW president Scholla Kakas.
“Our women, are our sisters, mothers and wives, need our protection. Let us not discriminate against them by viewing them as properties or sexual objects,” Mr Kirage told the forum full of male students.
“As men, we must respect and value that relationship we have with women whether they are our sister or mothers. Only then we can make our society a better and a safe place to live in,” he said.
Mr Kirage said women had rights to live a life without fear, without prejudice and free from all forms of violence and men have a role in protecting and respecting these rights.