Students shine in urban schools academic year opening


STUDENTS were part of the group that gathered to launch the 2019 academic year for Kavieng urban schools at Kavieng Seventh-day Adventist Primary School in Kavieng last Wednesday.
Some students joined their staff to sing songs during interludes during the opening of the academic year.
Students from Sacred Heart Elementary School, however, chose to recite a poem, written in Tok Pisisn, about teachers on that special day.
The poem, which was penned by teacher Susan Changau, was in Tok Pisin and was titled Tisa, tisa, tisa (Teacher, teacher, teacher).
The verses brought smiles to the provincial officials and educators who gathered there for the occasion.
A translation of the poem is:
Teacher, teacher, teacher
Chalk dust in the morning
Chalk dust in the afternoon
Faces look beautiful in the morning
When hunger strikes at midday
Faces do not look so good in the afternoon
When fortnight is nigh
Teacher is floating somewhere in the sky
Teacher, teacher, teacher
You are too good – and will continue to be so.
Changau said with the reform in education, elementary students at Sacred Heart were now taught in English, although the poem was recited in Tok Pisin.
Over 300 students attend Sacred Heart Elementary School and they have two classes each of prep, grade one and grade two students.

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