Students showcase skills

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“PROMOTING quality skills through equal participation” is the theme of a two-day open day to showcase students’  learning experiences.
The event at the Murray Barracks, which ends today,  is to stress and market the importance of vocational training and is hosted by five schools in the National Capital District.
NCD education superintendent operations Stephen Lapan said the event is also to educate the public on self-reliant projects available through vocational training.
He said this also provides opportunities for gender equity, participation by both girls and boys through skills training market and its facilities, training modules, provide economic opportunities for vocational schools and self- reliant projects.
Lapan, who launched the event, said youth was a time of idealism, enthusiasm and unbound energy.
“These universal facets of youth cannot and should not be confined to the classroom,” he said.
He added that PNG must realise that there is a traditional education, “so-called modern education”, and geared towards western civilisation and technology.
“Our society has changed dramatically over the past 100 years – it has changed irreversibly and our educational needs have changed with it,” Lapan said.
Lapan said that the event  is a step forward to enhancing commitment to change and provide continued direction for growth and progress in the development of TVET consistent with the national education plan
2005 – 14.