Students support govt policies

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The National, Wednesday 11th January 2012

MORE than 200 students from Jiwaka and Western Highlands attending tertiary institutions have thanked the O’Neill-Namah government for its policies.
Hagen Souths Students Association (HSSA) president Jackson Polly said so far they had been carrying out awareness in Jiwaka and Western Highlands about good governance and leadership and told people the government had a vision to take the nation forward.
Polly said the student body was supporting this government because it had bright visions to serve the nation and its people.
He said the students had formed the association to help the people of Anglimp constituency in the Anglimp-South Waghi electorate of Jiwaka who had been fighting to remain part of Western Highlands.
Polly said they opposed the land boundary commission including them in Jiwaka.
He said the association had been carrying out awareness on good governances and they had found the government would make a lot of difference.
Polly said some policies like free education and cutting down on income tax were taking the country forward.
He said they would launch the association on Saturday at Wurup in Western Highlands.