Students to benefit from new library

The National,Friday June 17th, 2016

KOKOROGORO Primary School in the Central now has a new library worth K120,000, thanks to the Digicel PNG Foundation.
The foundation’s chief operations officer, Rita Abe officially opened the new library last week.
Her message at the opening ceremony was that education was the single biggest opportunity one can give a child.
The library is fully kitted with tables and benches, bookshelves, a teacher’s desk with a desktop computer set and black board. It is fully solar-powered.
The new library was presented as a reward to the school for being a good steward of its property to encourage sustainability.
In 2013 Digicel PNG Foundation donated a fully-furnished double classroom worth K240,000 to the school.
Former teacher and school inspector, Venina Kada, who still actively supports the running of the school, related to those in attendance how he used to sit on the ground and did his homework using firelight.
Kada thanked the foundation for providing such a high quality infrastructure for the children in his community to have access to learning facilities.
Abe, on the other hand, told the parents to send their children to school every day and support them continually for a better future.
She told the children to focus on school and look after the facilities well so that the future generations may have the same opportunity they were being offered.
The investments will have a tremendous impact on the 181 students of Kokorogoro by providing facilities and books to enhance reading skills and improve learning standards.