Students to use digital library


STUDENTS and teachers of Kokopo Secondary School will benefit from using the eGranary digital library, says principal Paul Raia.
The eGranary digital library was a product of the WiderNet project, a non-profit organisation providing access to information technology and library services in developing countries.
An eGranary digital library stores educational resources through a local area network in order to reduce connectivity costs.
Raia said ICT company ITHRO Technologies was installing the eGranary digital library for use by students and teachers.
He said students and teachers would be able to access up to seven million resources in one system such as videos, documents, books and other learning resources.
He said the school had planned to have the e-library project completed sooner, however, the state of emergency had delayed it.
The school funded the project with K70,000.
Raia said the library was part of the school’s aim to improve its information and communication technology systems.