Students to work with authorities


THE Bulolo tertiary students are ready to work with district authority and stakeholders to contribute to development through community engagement.
President Ehecyuc Seseru said the students were organised and ready to engage with authorities and stakeholders in the district through community services and other social programmes.
“We are ready to work with our leaders from six local level governments (LLGs), district authority and business houses in whatever way we can for the development of the district,” he said.
Bulolo, in Morobe, has six LLGs; Buang, Mumeng, Watut, Wau-Bulolo urban, Wau rural and Waria, and is the host to Hidden Valley and soon-to-be opened Wafi-Golpu gold and copper mines.
Seseru said the group was established last January by students from different institutions with the aim of uniting different ethnic groups in the district, taking stock of all students from the district in colleges and universities and contributing to positive social developments.
The district’s tertiary students consisted of Wau-Bulolo students studying at various tertiary institutions around the country and made up of local and non-local, as well as expatriate students, who were either born, had once lived were brought-up and had a connection to the district.
The district’s tertiary students executive is headed by Seseru, with Noah Yata (vice-president), Natasha Maiguo (secretary) and high school teacher Sonia Sausiniaka as the treasurer.
It is made up of a student’s council that consisted of committees.
Bulolo education manager John Tjipet said the group, in collaboration with district’s education services, were still compiling database of tertiary students from the district.