Students told to raise standard of work


VICE-Chancellor Prof John Warren of the Papua New Guinea University of Natural Resources and Environment has told students to produce quality work to meet international academic standards.
Last Tuesday, during the 2018 orientation and registration programme, Warren welcomed the students and informed them of several changes including two new courses: sustainable tropical forestry and sustainable livestock production.
“We have refreshed all our courses and inserted the word ‘sustainable” at the start of each course title,” he said.
“This reflects the university’s new vision to be a recognised centre of academic excellence for sustainable natural resources management.
“The course content has changed”
Warren said the university had strived to raise academic standards to be a truly international university.
“This means raising the bar in terms of the quality of work you will be expected to produce,” he said.
“In the past it was relatively easy to get high marks at University of Natural Resources and Environment.
“From this year we will be more rigorously applying the marking criteria.”
Warren said the criteria was like that used in universities around the world.
He said in order for staff and students to interact to improve their performance, both would need to provide each other with constructive feedback.
“Your lecturers will mark your work promptly and tell you how to improve,” Warren said. “Similarly, at the end of each module, you will be asked to comment on the teaching you have received.
“Failure is not the opposite of success. Failure is an integral part of the building success.
“No-one ever learned to walk without falling over.
“You will become better students by learning from your mistakes and improving your marks.
“Your lecturers will also help raise standard at this university if you provide them with constructive comments.”

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