Students told to be proud

Youth & Careers

BRISTISH High Commissioner to PNG Keith Scott has urged students at the University of Technology to be proud of what they have achieved so far.
Scott told the 500 first-year students that making it to university was “in itself, an achievement”.
“Be grateful for the opportunity you now have. Be confident,” he said.
“I expect many of you are a bit nervous about the long and exciting journey of change and adventure on which you are about to embark.
“In a way, I know how you feel.”
Scott said on Jan 31, the United Kingdom left the European Union, a political and economic grouping of 28 countries, of which the UK had been a member for 47 years.
“So as a country, the United Kingdom is also entering into the unknown. But we will be reaching out to the world with confidence, fired up by new ambition and determined to grasp fresh opportunities,” he said.
“You should do too. Who knows where your journey will end?
“If someone had told me when I would end up as the British high commissioner to Papua New Guinea I would have questioned their sanity.
“Remember that wider life experience, the skills you gain and the network of friends you build are all important in equipping you to future success – and for meeting the challenge encapsulated by the theme for this week Building national content in science and technology for developing PNG’s resources.”