Students told to pursue opportunities

Youth & Careers

STUDENTS taking up various studies at Career Flexible Open Distant Education (Fode) Centre at Paragon, outside Goroka, Eastern Highlands, were told to believe in themselves to advance further.
During an awareness and information sharing with Anbem Training Consultants at the campus last Friday, director Dr Diana Panta told the students to develop self-confidence and belief in what they aimed to achieve in life.
Panta was there with her staff providing information on opportunities available to them for studies at technical and further education (Tafe) institutions in Australia.
Panta said there were reliable links to Tafe colleges and other institutions in Australia where PNG students like students of Career Fode Centre could enroll to study.
“We had 29,000 grade 12 students last year, spaces available to absorb those students into the State tertiary institutions are limited with only 5,000 spaces available,” she said.
“This year, we have 32,000 grade 12 students and the 5,000 spaces remain; where can the remaining students go?”
Career Fode Centre director Bill Habiri thanked Panta and her team for running the awareness.
He said students needed to know what their options were, particularly with pursuing courses and programmes that they were interested in.

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