Students told to put God first ‘to achieve their desires’


PUT God first and whatever you desire, you will achieve, says deputy administrator of the PNG Education Institute, Timothy Damole.
He told Grade 12 students of Badihagwa Technical Secondary School that to empower was to give power or authority to somebody to be able to act.
“So we have to look at areas of youth empowerment and put God first. The areas include skills training, education, business, moral aspect of life and finance,” he said.
He said youths should be given tools and opportunities and encouraged to be patient.
“Once we understand the areas of empowerment and how to empower them, we would be in a better position to respond to them,” he said.
He said youth empowerment was essential because when people failed to empower youths, they turned to crime.
“To eradicate poverty, equip youths with vast skills, knowledge and wisdom, good education, good governance and crime reduction. It is important to empower our youths.
“But put God first, do what you feel passionate about, do a lot of things with what you have so those that are in need can be assisted and thank God in advance for his love, peace, joy, happiness,’’ he said.

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