Students told to stay away from alcohol, betel nut


A call has been made to students to celebrate the country’s diverse cultures without alcohol and betel nut.
Unity in diversity have to be held high through celebrations without taking alcohol and betel nut, said senior school inspector in the National Capital District Paul Lapun.
Lapum was speaking at the St Charles Lwanga cultural show in Port Moresby.
He said St Charles Lwanga Secondary was one of the better-organised schools which had successfully held cultural shows over the years.
“They held the show with the target of raising funds to buy a bus for the school,” Lapun said.
“That was a good initiative to support school projects.”
He said drunk students often caused trouble which was not good for people who attended the celebrations.
“Cultural celebrations cannot be moved by alcohol,” he said.
“Students’ attitudes should not be influenced by alcohol and betel nut during cultural programmes organised by schools which are proud of the different cultures of people … celebrating that origin with pride and dignity,” he said.
The school holds cultural events every year as fundraisers.
This year’s event raised funds for a school bus.
The school is run by the Catholic Church.

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