Students told to treasure education

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday December 17th, 2013

 GRADE Eight students in Baisu Primary School have been told to recognise the importance of education and strive to become top students.

Head teacher Gabriel Niggints told graduating students last Friday at Baisu, outside Mt Hagen, that there was no limit to education.

He congratulated the 82 graduating students and said they would be leaving the school to pursue the next level of education.

Niggints urged them to maintain the same level of discipline and strive to become top students.

“You are our ambassadors carrying the name of this school and I want you all to do best in the colleges and universities”.

“This school has produced good students and many now hold top positions in government and private sector,” he said.

The school has been elevated to level seven and has 785 students with 27 teachers.

He said the school faced problems in getting materials and used to photocopy texts to be used by students.

“This is one of the problem school faced but we managed to complete all the programmes and seen that students has scored good results.”

The Grade Eight dux was awarded to Junior Mark.