Students turned away

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The National, Monday February 10th, 2014

 SEVERAL schools in Southern Highlands are still charging project fees and students have been refused enrolment for not presenting project fee receipts.

Despite the government’s tuition fee free education policy, principals of Mogol Secondary and Mendi Vocational schools were turning students away.

Moses Nape, a former councillor from Bela 2 council ward  in the Karinz local level government, said his eldest son was told to go back home to bring K200.

“The government of the day is paying the students tuition fees and why is the principal chasing students out when they are supposed to walk freely into the school and start the academic year? 

“I am a father of seven children and all are attending high and primary schools and I am thankful with the government of the day for being responsible for all students fees,” he said.

“Has the Southern Highlands provincial government ordered them to collect the project fees or is it the idea of the school administration to make money out of the students.”

Nape said school administrations must come out clear and explain to parents why they were charging fees.

Norman Garry said he was told by the principal of Mendi Vocational School to deposit K200 into the school account and bring the receipt if he wanted to be enrolled.