Students urged to aspire to be leaders

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The National, Monday 15th April, 2013


AGRICULTURE Minister Tommy Tomscoll has urged students and young people to be leaders in the field and environment they are in.

While addressing students at the University of Natural Resources and Environment in East New Britain recently, he said the government was committed to education, health and youth development to build the country and secure a better future.

He said for this reason, the government has invested in education and health this year.

Tomscoll said the government was also investing in growing jobs by improving infrastructures in all sectors.

He said it is important for students and young people to take education seriously and utilise the knowledge they receive through formal education by being leaders in the various fields they are in.

Tomscoll urged young people to keep an open mind to learning as they are the country’s assets. 

“The knowledge you learn through education will become less important over time but the skills that you learn in education will continue to be relevant in any field you tap into. I urge you to value and build on those skills,” he said.

He said this meant for them to provide leadership in the field they are pursuing.

“Our country is becoming more challenging and more complex as we move forward into the future and that will be your future, not mine. 

“Your generation will be looking up to you to provide leadership, I do not believe it will be delivered by professionals who work in isolation to discipline but challenges will be met by people  who are able to lead with discipline,” he said.

Tomscoll said the leadership required today in the country was not through authority but one that uses multiple disciplinary skills.

“You have the power to shape the future of this country, it requires great commitment in leadership,” he said.