Students use light tricks at science fair


Grade 12 students of Kopkop College in Port Moresby showcased a three-dimensional hologram last Friday at their school’s science fair.
Science student and group leader of the hologram development team, Samson Tapra, said he and his team researched information on the internet to develop the hologram.
“For our experiment we used light tricks. It works just like protracting light into one medium and removing light from another side,” he said.
“However,  for this hologram we used four different mediums and we merged them together and this in turn formed a 3D hologram image that appeared in the middle of the hologram.”
He said if this experiment was further developed, it could be used for business or other purposes such as conveying information from one place to another with a message sender in a three-dimensional image conveyed in real time.
“Someone may be in a different place altogether, probably half way around the world, but this experiment can allow people to meet and communicate in a more tangible approach.
“It would work similar to a video call, but the only difference is that you see the presenter in a three dimensional image.”