Students visit water police, express thanks for services

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KOROBORO International School preparatory students during a school excursion at the Water Police Directorate in Port Moresby yesterday thanked the water police for their invaluable service.
The visit was part of the school subject theme “Think, act, and be safe” in which they learnt safety measures and practices when out at sea. They appreciated what water police did.
Five-year-old, Israel Gairo and Tabitha Zimmrmah, after the excursion on behalf of the students presented a poem dedicated to the water police and thanked the team for the opportunity to learn about the work of water police.
Gairo thanked the team for the rescue made at sea, their responses to helping people at sea and for their bravery and courage.
He said: “Thank you for your sacrifice, we wish and hope you have a guardian angel watching over you to keep you safe.”
Zimmrmah said: “I learnt everything about water police and I love everything about the excursion.”
Deputy director of Water Police Chief Insp Christopher Smith said Koroboro was the first school to visit the water police base and thanked the students for the visit.

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