Students warned on dangers of early sex

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SEXUAL activity at a very early age is one of the major contributing factors towards the escalating spread of HIV virus in PNG.
“The desire for early sex and marriages forces young school age youths and adolescents to succumbed to cash offers by the so-called well-off,” Vice-Minsiter for Health and HIV/AIDS Yawa Silupa said during a school graduation in Lufa district last week.
He cautioned 61 Grade Eight students from Oliguti Primary School, who passed out, to watch out for cash offers for sexual enticement from the so-called well-off.
“In the process of falling into the hands of such wealthy people to satisfy their sexual desires, you will end up with unwanted pregnancies and polygamous marriages,” Mr Silupa said.
He also urged the graduates to quit having boyfriends and girlfriends as this would lure them to enter into sexual relationships.
The MP also called on the parents to look after their children because they are their future investments.
“I also call on all of you to pray to God for divine intervention blessings for the people and leaders to remain focused towards serving the people and not their own pleasure,” he said.
Mr Silupa, the only National Alliance MP from Eastern Highlands province, thanked the Somare Government for providing more than K14 million for services in Lufa district.
He used the opportunity of the school’s ninth graduation to formally cut the ribbon to officiate the connection of electricity to Oliguti Primary School.