Students who pay given priority


A COLLEGE principal in Port Moresby says the 400 places available for the year have been filled by those who have paid their fees.
Carmela Molkulabeta was responding to a complaint by a first-year student who could not enrol because he (student) could not pay the fees levied by the Port Moresby Business College.
College principal Carmela Molkulabeta said the places available were filled by those who paid their fees upfront.
“We do it on a first-come-first-serve basis because of the limited space,” Molkulabeta said.
“The school needs funds to operate and that is why priority is given to students who pay upfront.
“We also have limited number of teachers and classrooms to cater for all our students and I am planning to build two computer laboratories with the little land mass that we have right now.
“Those students who missed out on the registration this year should come back in the middle of next year.”
The student who said he missed out said he was could not pay upfront and was relying on the government’s Help programme.

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