Students wishing to apply for Help to obtain NID cards

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STUDENTS wishing to apply for the Higher Education Loan Programme (Help) will have three months after registration to obtain their National Identity (NID) cards and birth certificates.
Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) Nick Kuman told Parliament yesterday that NID registrations had already started in universities and would continue to other institutions.
He reminded higher education institutions not to turn away students who had already secured places.
Markham MP Koni Iguan had queried the status of Help and when it was going to be available to students to access.
He said many students were seeking assistance from their MPs.
DHERST secretary Fr Jan Czuba said on Tuesday that registered institutions had been given declaration forms to give to students wishing to apply for Help.
“The declaration form basically informs institutions that students do not have money to pay for their fees but they will apply for Help when it is available,” he said.
He said a good number of students had already registered for NID and more were expected to register in the coming weeks.


  • NID card registration process takes forever. Why can’t the department responsible set up NID registrations booths alongside the Tertiary Institutions as students register for their courses and make it simple for students to get their NID cards at the same time as they get their school ID’s. Students would have all the necessary identification documents required, why wasting time to go apply again at wherever NID offices/centres are, which is a waste of time and takes forever.

  • Bureaucratic red tape and incompetent officialdom have played such a large part in this scam of an NID program. This thing was never properly and wholistically thought out, planned and rolled out. Such incompetence!!!

  • roll out this program now in the districts to make it easy for students and parent to obtain NID, some parents have no means to travel to towns to get this NID .The best thing do a district roll out of NID also in Rural Districts and at the same time get National statistics people to do census along with NID officers.

    Govt has money, none of this nonsense that govt has no money to do this exercise, comes 2022 , I am hoping we will all need NID to cast our votes any where in PNG.

  • Please set up NID booths in every institutions right across the country and in every districts of the 20 provinces. By doing so is going to be a win win situation to provide employment for the unemployeds and effective and efficient service delivery to the public at large. At the end of the day everyone is satisfied, government meets it’s target to truly realised one of its prime factors in taking back PNG.

  • Standing on line for NID is taking sometimes takes longer time for some students who are coming from remote schools to attend higher institutions around the country, they are the ones who are mostly affected. Should they attend to registration and going to classes or will have to go and stand on line together with the general public for NID registrations? I hope students can not do two things at once so NID officers should improvise and get to the higher institutions and start from there as it will be a relief for those especially coming from remote areas and may be others in urban areas who are without NID cards.

  • NID OFFICE try to change some of you policy,standing in long que from 8am-1.00pm in the afternoon to be serve,new year 2020 and make some change.

    mipla tait pinis long sanap long lonpla lain ya,

  • creating NID Card is taking to long too long. why can government implement new rules and regulations. we could be proud if the government help student online line they implement the NOAS selection system?????

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