Students worried about missing exams

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The National, Monday 20th August, 2012

STUDENTS of Flexible and Open Distance Education in the National Capital District fear they will not sit their national examinations as they have been without materials and tutors since the school year started.
Last Friday, the students stormed into the principal’s office and demanded explanations of why they had not been supplied study materials and subject tutors since the first semester.  
They said they wanted principal Demas Tongogop to explain the delay in issuing study materials.
Students’ representative Richard Sanaka said they were worried they might not do their examinations in October and called on the authorities to help them.
He said Tongogop’s claim of printing problems as the cause of delay “is lame and senseless”.
“What has he been doing all these months? We have the right to education and we demand that right to be realised,” he said.    
They have petitioned the school administration to defer their examinations or provide study materials. 
Sanaka said there were other issues but the main ones were lack of study materials and tutors.
Attempts to get comments from Tongogop were unsuccessful.