Sub-stations keep Lae power on

Lae News, Normal


POWER supply to Lae city yesterday was supplied from the two sub-stations at Taraka and Milfordhaven.
PNG power operations team in Lae tied in power feeders at the two main sub-stations in the city in a bid to keep power supply flowing through all parts of the city.
PNG power Momase regional manager Watson Naso said yesterday, after another power outage forced his men to tie feeder between the two sub-stations.
The exercise enabled the two sub stations to supply power to the city and in total isolation from the main Ramu power supply station at Yonki in Eastern Highlands province.
Mr Naso described the situation as a testing time in managing and maintaining the two sub-stations to work together.
PNG power workers worked tirelessly through the night eventually leading to normal power supply to most parts of the city.
Most of the power and water problems come about as a result of a transformer coming out at the Ramu main station.
A total of 132kv of power is supplied from the main hydro-power supply station at Yonki in the Eastern Highlands Province.
This is further reduced to 66,000V and further to 11,000V for consumption in the city.
The Taraka and Mildfordhaven sub-stations both supply 11,000volts to parts of the city.
PNG power and Waterboard reached an understanding before midday yesterday to work together to address the power and water problems, instead of pointing fingers at each other.
Mr Naso said the two parties set an action plan to use when faced with power and water problem.