Submit Covid plans, PHAs told


PROVINCIAL health authorities (PHAs) should submit their Covid-19 response plans, including acquittals from last year, in order for funds to be released matched with the needs, Prime Minister James Marape says.
During the first online meeting with chief executive officers of the country’s 22 PHAs last Thursday, Marape said little had been done last year and there was no time to waste as the Covid-19 surge had expanded.
He said clear instructions had been given to the Health Department and the National Control Centre regarding strategies to stop the spread of Covid-19 and the tailor-made response plans from PHAs were needed in the national response.
He said firstly, non-clinical measures needed to continue to run effectively and that included isolation and effective policing of the isolation strategy so that there was no border crossing, unnecessary movement between provinces and districts, loitering and unnecessary gathering.
“Our second strategy, of course, would be ensuring that our clinical strategy is worked up,” he said.