Submit leave fare applications early: Kuman

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TEACHERS due for leave must submit their leave fare applications before the closure of the following year’s national budget, says Education Minister Nick Kuman, pictured.
“The leave process it’s not that easy where you do it today and you get it tomorrow,” Kuman said.
“If teachers want to go on leave, they have to make sure that the necessary documentation are prepared before the national budget (for the following year) is formed.
“We account for who is going to go for leave at the end of the academic year.
“It’s not like sometime in the middle of the year when the leave is due and the teacher wants to go.
“We prepare it in the budget and we account for which teachers are going to go on leave.
“Those are done before budget is formed.
“We are always on top of this. But the past couple of months had been very difficult.
“There are some things we need to manage before the accounts close.”
Kuman said 2017 was a little slow because of the cash-flow problem and money could not be set to the provinces for the teachers’ leave fares.
“The teachers’ leave fares are very important.
“They are entitled to it.
“The secretary ( Dr Uke Kombra) and I will continue to knock on the doors of Treasury to get some funds before the accounts close (for 2017).”