Subsidies paid: Pagelio

Lae News, Normal

EDUCATION secretary Dr Joseph Pagelio announced yesterday that almost all schools from elementary to vocational, national high and secondary schools, permitted schools, CODE and inclusive education resources centres have received their first subsidy payment for this year.
“The distribution of subsidies started on Monday,” he said.
“The subsidies of elementary schools deposited into bank accounts included schools in Western, Gulf, Central, Milne Bay, NCD, Western Highlands, Sandaun, West New Britain and Manus provinces. The national high schools have also had their subsidies deposited into their bank accounts,” he said,
“The rest of the schools in all sectors should have received their subsidy cheques,” he added.
Dr Pagelio said senior officers of the department had also travelled to the provinces to hand deliver the education subsidy cheques in Madang, East New Britain, Simbu, Eastern Highlands, Western, Morobe, Western Highlands, Manus, Gulf, Central and Enga.
“I appeal to all school authorities not to send children home if they have not paid or have partly paid their school fees. Schools must also reimburse parents who have paid more,” he said.
Dr Pagelio said the objective of the subsidy was in line with the Government’s policy to implement the universal primary education (UBE).
“For the first time, the Government has provided the funding to fully subsidise elementary education throughout Papua New Guinea. All the schools should use the subsidies to support educational programmes that enhance students’ learning and safe environment, such as the school learning improvement plan (SLIP), school libraries and maintenance of infrastructure,” Dr Pagelio said.
He also urged all schools to come up with their five-year development plan for SLIP for implementation and monitoring by head teachers, principals, managers and school boards.