Suburb without water for 15 years

National, Normal


AN entire suburb in Port Moresby’s North-West has been without water for 15 years.
The whole suburb of June Valley, Ladies Street, home to more than 300 families, have been relying on a broken pipe converted into a tap for water for cooking, drinking, and washing.
Long time residents Michael Akila and Leven Antio have given up raising the issue with the authorities as their pleas  have fallen on deaf ears.
“It used to be okay until the games village in Waigani was built, then the problems began,” Mr Akila said.
“Now we hardly have water here, it is a grave concern for this community, we have been neglected by our leaders despite their promises to restore water,” he said.
Forming a water committee to raise the issue with the authorities, the community appointed John Kara as chairman to raise the issue with Eda Ranu.
“The promise to look into our water woes has been an endless wait. It is heart breaking to see small children and mothers with containers queuing up in the afternoon just to get water. It’s a daily sight and shouldn’t be happening in the country’s capital,” Mr Kara said.
“Water is essential in life, the residents are now fearful that if the problem continues, there could be a possible outbreak of diseases such as cholera.
“When Eda Ranu was contacted previously, an employee said the office was aware of the issue.  
“However, the community falls under the ‘non-revenue area’, similar to other settlements in and around the city,” Mr Kara said.
However, The National discovered that the area is a residential suburb, not a settlement.
Mr Kara is hopeful that their cries for help through the media would reach the relevant authorities.
“For the sake of mothers and children, I will pursue the matter for the community until someone listens,” Mr Kara said.