Sue landowners for lying


I SYMPATHISE with settlers whose houses have been destroyed on portion 1221 at 14-Mile outside Port Moresby.
The so-called landowners had illegally sold them parts of this portion knowing that it was already acquired by the Government.
The settlers should demand to be refunded.
They should take the landowners to court and have them behind bars for cheating or get them to give them vacant customary land.



  • In the first instance, why did you wanted to buy the land? Who told you to go looking for land to buy at very cheap prices? You were stupid enough to buy aand without proper feel, pasim maus na stp or best go bek to your roots

  • I’m not a family to them affected by the eviction nor a fan of land buying, but Sirox I don’t agree with your comment….Everyone is png have the right to buy any land around png as long as they have money. The land owners are not allowed to cheat or lie. It’s totally illegal. Everyone got reasons from migrating away from their home provinces.
    So the affected family have the right to sue the landowners for not being true at the first place.

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