Sue those who fail to pay hired vehicles for payment: Court

The National,Friday June 24th, 2016

 By Tabitha Nero
ANYONE who fails to pay for a hired vehicle should be sued for payment rather than be charged for false pretence, senior Magistrate Cosmas Bidar says.
“If the defendant goes to jail on the charge of false pretense, then how does the complainant recover lost money?” Bidar said.
He made the comments after dealing with a case of a woman who was charged with false pretense involving more than K125,000.
Alice Laman, of Rabaul in East New Britain, allegedly obtained K5000 from Ken Mara on Dec 5 last year and did not repay the money.
She then hired a vehicle from Favor & Sons Ltd on the same day, promising to pay K700 a day.
She allegedly kept the vehicle for more than six months and failed to pay Favor & Sons Ltd, accumulating a debt of more than K125,000.
Bidar noted that there had been a number of similar cases.
He ordered the matter to return to court on July 28 for  police to complete their investigations.
He extended Laman’s bail of K1000.