Suggestion for Bogia MP


I HAVE two suggestions for Bogia MP to consider.
First, there is the Bogia festival coming up in September to coincide with the Independence day and a substantial amount of money had been budgeted for this occasion.
Can the member defer this event to next year and use the money to buy medicine for health centres in his electorate? The health centres are running out of medicine.
Such events happen annually but drug shortages is real across the country and leaders need to think constructively on how to deal with this situation in their respective constituencies rather than wait for Health department to solve this mess. On Aug 27, a pregnant mother from Ramu came to Daigul health centre only to be told that the centre had no drugs and it was fumigated.
The poor lady went to her friend’s house and went into labour and died due to complications. Precious lives – both the mother and baby – lost.
She travelled hundreds of kilometres only to die just a few metres from the health centre, with no assistance from the health workers when requested.
Secondly, the Daigul health centre ran out of immunisation drugs for children 19 months ago. A lot of babies born during this period are not immunised.
No explanation was given concerning this matter.
Something is really wrong here. The provincial health authority in Madang know about this but are turning blind eye.
Therefore, I would appreciate the good member for Bogia to look into this matter and get some heads rolling and fix this matter.

Digov Nada
Kaukambar village
Bogia, Madang

One thought on “Suggestion for Bogia MP

  • Medical Drugs shortage is a National Problem. MP Bogia can only help, by working with Madang Governor, to find some solutions on how to address this in Madang Province.
    Bogia Cultural festival is good and I support the member to revive this. This is to showcase our Bogia Identity through cultural festivals like this. Our culture is dying, we must preserve, so our young generation can see, learn pick up and practise and hold.

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