Suit by Morobe governor a shame

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday, May 2, 2011

I READ with interest your article last Thursday about Bulolo MP Sam Basil welcoming Morobe Governor Luther Wenge’s suit against him for defamation.
Papua New Guineans and Morobeans must have read with great concern about the motive behind Wenge’s decision to sue Basil.
Wenge must rea­lise that Basil is fighting a case in Morobe and he represents the people as governor.
Basil, as the Bulolo MP, is duty bound to fight on behalf of his people. 
In fact, Wenge should as­­sist Ba­sil in the fight against this mining giant for causing environmental damage along the Watut River.
Wenge is famous for using Morobe’s people mo­ney to fight national is­sues and it is time he addresses issues affecting his province. 
As a national and pro­vincial leader, he should accept criticism and sometimes be humble rather than running to the court all the time.
He should not expect the people to worship or praise him all the time. 
My question is why the governor is using Mo­ro­be’s money to fight Moro­beans?
This money would have been better spent to assist Basil fight environmental da­mages.


S Clay